Bee Choo Siam Square Make Merit (Tam Buun)

Here are the photos and videos of Bee Choo Siam Square Make Merit Ceremony held on 8th August 2018 to celebrate the reopening after renovations and change of management

From 27 July to 7 August 2018, Bee Choo Siam Square One underwent a renovation and reopened officially on 8 August 2018 with a brand new management team, including a reknown hair stylist and branch manager, K. Nui.

Observing the buddhist tradition in Thailand, Thai monks were invited to condust a merit ceremony for Bee Choo Siam Square on 8th August 2018. R.C. Business Group’s media team made a video to remember the event:

YouTube video

Please join us in reliving the memories made on that fateful day, herein are some of the pictures take on 8th August 2018 during the Merit Ceremony.

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