Reverse Premature Grey White Hair by Herbal Treatment


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Do take a minute to watch the video above to see how our the natural dye in our herbal paste works. These are all REAL pictures and videos taken at our salon. Premature white and grey hair can be annoying and it is irreversible. Yes! Once melanin production ceases in a particular hair follicle, it is permanent. This means that all hair produced by that follicle will forever be white / grey. The simplest and easiest way to deal with white / grey hair is to colour it. Bee Choo Herbal Treatment covers white and grey hair with a natural copper colour while leaving black hair unchanged. Because our treatment is chemical free and improves the health of the scalp, many customers achieve two goals when they do regular scalp maintenance with us; they are able to cover all their white hair to the roots and keep their scalp healthy in the process.

Typically, white people (caucasians) start going grey when they are in their mid-30s, but we Thais (Asians) are usually luckier in that aspect. Normally, Thais only start to see signs of greying when they are in their late 30s or after that. Hence, if you start to see your hair turning white or grey in your 20s, it will be considered as premature greying.

From a survey done at one of our outlets, the highest percentage of people with white hair issues are above 40. From another study in a mixed gender outlet, male customer, on average, start having white hair earlier than female customers by about 5 years. However, we note there is no minimum age, we have seen teenagers as young as 14 years old having streaks and streaks of white hair. A quick rule of thumb used is the 50:50:50 rule: By the age of 50, 50% of the population will have 50% grey hair. 

The reason why your former black hair is turning grey or white is because the colour-producing cells have stopped producing the pigments that give it that rich and deep colour. Your hair follicles contain pigmentation cells, which are also called melanin.

While these cells are tiny and might seem insignificant, they are responsible for giving our hair its natural colour. The higher melanin content generated by your hair follicles, the darker your hair will be. Conversely, the lower the melanin content that is generated by your hair follicles, the lighter the colour of your hair will be. Another possible reason is that naturally occurring hydrogen peroxide might have built up in your hair, causing it to be bleached.

There is no physical harm derived from having grey or white hair. You could have a perfectly healthy scalp but have loads of white hair. The texture of the white hair is, however, not the same as normal hair. Melanin supplies the hair with moisture, thus, the white hair has less bounce and looks “lifeless”.

Yet, when a person, suffers from premature greying, it could affect the self-image of that person. This can be stressful and frightening for some and could even affect their confidence and psychological well-being.

Most of the complications that arise from premature greying and white hair derives from how an individual deals with the white hair issue. If a person constantly covers her white hair using chemical dye, it damages her hair and may even harm the scalp if the chemical dye is not done correctly. We have seen customers with severe hair loss caused by chemical burns to the scalp! Our advice is: if you have to constantly cover your white hair, it would be best to opt for a natural dye like ours. Keeping your scalp healthy plus covering those white hair naturally!


Our customers come to us regularly to cover their white / grey hair and at the same time get their scalp treated. By choosing Bee Choo Herbal, they are able to cover their white hair safely to the roots without worrying about damaging their scalp or their hair ends. Our herbal treatment is:
  • Safe and non-invasive
  • Pain-free, natural and effective
  • No elaborate course purchase required, you can do one treatment at a time
  • Price Transparent; and
  • Covers white hair with a natural reddish/brownish colour
However, because our treatment relies only on traditional Chinese herbs, the choice of colouring is also limited


Immediately after herbal treatment, white hair will be covered with a copper dye while leaving black hairs unchanged.

White hair before herbal treatment
White Hair Before Bee Choo Herbal Treatment
White Hairs Gone Immediately After Treatment
White Hairs Covered Immediately After Treatment


Disclaimer: Results may vary depending on various factors such as hair type, age, ethnicity, etc.


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Consistently rated as the Best Natural Hair Loss Treatment Salon Clinic in Bangkok, our all natural, safe & highly effective herbal hair treatment gives your Unhealthy/Dry/Damaged/Oily scalp instant rejuvenation. The natural dye contained in the treatment also covers your white hair to the roots in the process! 

See how it works above in our simple 4 step treatment process:
Step 1: Apply Hair Tonic on your Scalp

Step 2: Apply Herbal Paste to your Scalp

Step 3: Steam Treatment of your Hair for 45 minutes

Step 4: Rinse-off the Herbal Paste, Scalp Massage and Conditioning of your Hair

You can also watch the video showing how our herbal treatment is done!

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Our prices are based on your hair length between 800 Baht to 1200 Baht for à la carte herbal hair treatment. Strictly no hidden charges. You may choose to make upfront payment before treatment 🙂

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