Frequently Asked Questions


In this section, we have listed down the most frequently asked questions from our customers. You may also Facebook message us or call us at 02-108-3938 to enquire more 🙂  

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Can I Colour my Hair (Chemically) After Treatment?

Yes, you may, but we strongly discourage you to do it.

The herbal elements will stay on your scalp and hair for 2 to 3 weeks. If you opt for chemical treatment within this period, it may not be able to penetrate fully into your hair shaft, this will affect the desired results.

Furthermore, any chemical treatment might undo the good we have done for your hair and scalp, reducing the effectiveness of the treatment.

We will advise you to refrain from any colouring, perming, rebonding or performing any chemical process to your hair for at least 3 weeks to allow the herbal ingredients to be fully absorbed into your scalp.

Do I Have to Buy a Package or Treatment Course?

No, you do not have to buy. We provide à la carte herbal hair treatments. We do not believe in up-selling tactics, we strongly believe that when customers see results they will automatically come again on their own and refer their friends and family members to us. This is how we are able to keep the treatment affordable for the long term.

Do I Need to Wash My Hair Before Treatment?

It is not necessary, as our herbal treatment is targeted to remove oil and dirt on the scalp. However, if you have styling gel, wax or clay applied on your hair, you can inform us and we will gladly wash away the styling substance on your hair before proceeding with the treatment.

Does Bee Choo Thailand Provide Hair Cutting Services?​

Certain outlets provide hair cutting services. However, we do not provide hair services such as chemical colouring, rebonding, perming, etc.

We are strictly a hair treatment establishment. Do note that our therapist will only semi-blow-dry your hair post treatment. This is to ensure that your hair absorbs all the nutrients from the herbal paste after treatment. In addition, over blow-drying post treatment will damage your hair ends, thus it is best to let it air dry once hair has been semi-dried.

Does Bee Choo Provide Free Scalp Analysis and Scalp Scan?

At the moment, we are providing complementary hair & scalp scanning services if you visit during our off peak hours. Our off peak hours at 10am to 5pm (weekdays). If you want to get a hair scan during our peak period, it would be best to call our shop and check before hand.

How Long Does the Natural Dye Last?

The natural dye will remain on your hair for a good 2 – 4 months depending on your hair type, how frequent you wash your hair, etc. It does not last indefinitely because our natural dye is a semi-permanent dye, meaning to say, it does not penetrate your hair shaft but forms a layer of coating around your hair.

Is The Treatment 100% Safe?

Our treatment is very safe. It does not contain any chemicals or harmful ingredients. We see more than 1000 customers per month at our outlet and very rarely do we see allergic reactions to the herbal treatment.

With that said, there is always exceptions. In very rare cases, we have seen minor rash break out in customers; most of the time this is solved by having the customer NOT steam their head and instead leaving the herbal paste on for 1 hour. These people are sensitive to heat and therefore unable to go through the steaming process.

G6PD deficiency

Do take extra caution if you are G6PD deficient. Although we do not have any case where our herbal treatment had trigger hemolysis in G6PD deficient customers, we are aware that our herbal paste may be a possible trigger, especially in children. So if you decide to proceed with the herbal treatment knowing that you’re G6PD deficient, it will be at your own risk. 

Is The Treatment Same as Henna?

Our treatment is not henna; we are using 100% Chinese herbs. We prepare the herbal treatment by cooking the Chinese herbs. Whereas for henna, after you choose the desired colour, hot water, tea or coffee is added into the henna powder to form the henna paste. Customer who experience discomfort, redness or itchiness on their scalp after the henna treatment, do not experience any of the earlier mentioned after doing our Herbal treatment.

Is There Any Other Colour That I Can Choose From?

Our policy is that we will never introduce any form of chemical into our paste to achieve a desired colour. This is one of the reasons why our herbal paste comes only in reddish/copper colour at the moment.

We do have a “colouress” version. However, be warned, the colourless version may still have a tinge of copper colour especially if your hair had been bleached before. Also, the steaming process may also cause your previous colour to run, but this rarely happens. 

before after bee choo herbal colour of the herb
Natural Colouring from the Herbal Paste

How often should I come for treatment?

This will depend on your scalp condition. For those with severe hair issues, you should treat your hair every week for the first one to two months to benefit fully from the intensive herbal reconditioning. You can reduce the frequency once the health of your scalp improves. See our scalp health chart here.

What ingredients are in the herbal treatment?​

Our herbal treatment contain herbs like Dang Gui, Ginseng, He Shuo Wu, Chuan Xiong, Lin Zhi and many other ingredients that effectively help control and improve your hair condition and at the same time, encouraging hair growth. There are no chemicals added to our herbal paste.

All our herbal pastes are freshly cooked daily in the factory to ensure freshness and quality. The chinese herbs are cooked for hours in order to bring out the nutrients from the herbs which are essential in bringing back the health in your scalp.

Our range of hair products such as the shampoos, conditioner, tonics and spa contain chemicals. Our products are top of the range and as far as possible we have remove the use of potentially harmful chemicals in our hair products. 

Will my Normal Hair Colour be Affected by the Natural Dye?

If your natural hair colour is brown or black, it will not be affected. This is illustrated by the hair scan images below:


As seen in the picture, the natural black hair remain unchanged while white hair turned copperish in colour. If your natural hair colour is blonde, it will become brownish/copperish in colour.