Review: 7 organic hair salons in Bangkok, Thailand

Dear Readers, we have done our research using sources from the internet, social media and beauty forums. This are the most popular Organic Hair Salons in Bangkok, Thailand. Below is the list ranked by total number of Cumulative Reviews (Facebook + Google) from Most to the least.

We also gave our take on what these salons are best known for are also to beware of any negatives that other customers had experienced at some of these salons. Nobody is 100% perfect after all.

Review: 7 organic hair salons in Bangkok, Thailand

  1. Zen Red Hair Studio – 2063 Cumulative Reviews | 4.80 / 5.00 Score
  2. Senpom Hair Salon Bangkok – 1166 Cumulative Reviews | 4.80 / 5.00 Score
  3. Hair by Phonatip – 135 Cumulative Reviews | 4.36 / 5.00 Score
  4. Bee Choo Herbal Thailand – 117 Cumulative Reviews | 4.97 / 5.00 Score
  5. Rikyu By Boy – 91 Cumulative Reviews | 4.70 / 5.00
  6. Anderson Salon – 72 Cumulative Reviews | 4.57 / 5.00 Score
  7. Lavish Salon and Spa – 36 Cumulative Reviews | 4.57 / 5.00 Score

Data as of 26 November 2018

Best Organic Salon for Hair Styling & Make up:

Rikyu by Boy

Best Organic Salon for Hair Colouring

Senpom and Anderson

Best Organic Salon for Hair and Scalp Treatment

Bee Choo Herbal Thailand

Beware of Upselling Tactics

Zen Red Hair Studio

1.    Zen Red Hair Studio

Source: from Zen Red’s website data taken on 24 Nov 2018

Company Name Zen Red Hair Studio
Branches 1
Address: Monopoly Park Mall, 59/27 Industrial Ring Road, Rama 3 Road, Chong Nonsi, Yan Nawa, Bangkok, Thailand (link)
Facebook Rating 4.8 by 1478
Google Rating 4.8 by 585 people

From THB 2200 Organic Hair Colour

From THB 1000 for Hair loss Treatment

Source: from Zen Red’s website data taken on 24 Nov 2018

About Zen Red Hair Studio

Zen Red, a professional Hair Salon located in Bangkok that specializes in the best international leading brand names, styling and latest techniques that are popular back home in the West. From Brazilian Keratin to Remy Hair Extensions, Organic colour treatments and the latest Ombre styles popular in Hollywood. Zen Red is a salon that focuses on quality hair services that would cost a great deal more in the west, but Zen Red provide the same services and quality for up at lower prices.

What people are saying?

The good:

“This place was truly amazing! As a foreigner I wanted a place where there were English speakers and this place definitely had it. I was transferred here from another branch and Zenred kindly offered me a spot. I didn’t know what to expect coming into this salon, but I ended with amazing results. My normal hair was long, dry, and faded from my previous dye in the states. Zenred was able to make my hair healthy all over again. The staff knew sufficient English and were incredibly sweet. Three staffs worked on my hair while someone was fanning me when I didn’t ask for it. They were all so sweet. I did not feel out of place at all being a foreigner. Truly recommend this place!” – A review on facebook in June 2018

The not so good

“Horrible. I let them put in hair extensions for over 22.000 Baht. It looked cute at first. The hair was not of good quality. The keratin bonds were put way too close to my scalp, another hairdresser told me 4 days later when I paid another 3.000 Baht in Koh Samui to get the extensions removed in a very painful session. I contacted Zenred about this experience and they decided to ignore me. Please be warned. Also they hand you a piece of paper where they are quite passive-aggressive about customers not having to expect the staff to smile etc. Horrible place and way out of reach in a deserted shoppingmall” – A review on google in November 2018

Sneak Peek at Zen Red

Sneak Peek at Zen Red

Source: Zen Red’s facebook page

Our take on the Zen Red

Zen Red may seem like a very popular salon with a lot of thumbs up reviews. But upon deep search into the reviews, reviewed something startling. Many people who rated the salon unfavourable wrote long lengthy, detailed reviews including attaching pictures of their spoiled hair due to the colouring. This is something to take note as it takes a really angry customer to go to such an extent. Furthermore, many of the poor reviews share common points such as overpricing, rude staff and staff talking loudly and laughing at the salon during hair treatment.

Our take is that Zen Red markets itself has a top-end, luxury hair salon with top pricing but they may not have service standards that reaches that standard. The mismatch in expectations led to the more picky customers getting disappointed and upset by their service.

The pricing can also get quite high especially if you do not clarify properly. Be sure to book an appointment and ask for the pricing clearly if you do decide to visit!

2.    Senpom Hair Salon Bangkok

1. Senpom Hair Salon Bangkok

Company Name Senpom Hair Salon Bangkok
Branches 1
Address: Bangkok Thaïlande, 120/34 Chom Thong road, Chom Thong, Krung Thep, Bangkok 10150, Thailand (link)
Facebook Rating 4.8 by 1115 people
Google Rating 4.9 by 51 people

From 3500 Baht for hair colouring

From 1200 Baht to 3500 for hair treatments

Source: Senpom’s salon website

About Senpom

Senpom Hair Salon Bangkok is an English Speaking Hair Salon with more than 26 years’ experience. Senpom’s customer base are mostly Thai expats, westerns, and Thai celebrities.

Senpom offers the latest trendy Cuts, Balayages and Highlights. They are also known for their 100% Remy Premium Quality Hair Extensions that they will also colour..

What people are saying

The good:

“I’m a regular customer more than 18 years , never been disappointed. I did many things from hair extensions, balayages, highlights and so on. They always make me happy and look pretty. I love them.” – A review on google in 2017

The not so good:

“Felt completely shafted by this place! I’ve had balayage done numerous times in Bangkok and have never paid over 4500 baht. Those salons were on Sukhumvit and in more in demand areas as well. I went all the way across bangkok to a very local area for them to quote me just under 10k! Ask them why? “Because we use the toner and the bleach.” WOW! Sounds like you’ve really got something revolutionary! I felt disrespected by the flagrant price gouge.” – A review on facebook in Apirl 2018

To be fair to the Senpom, this reviewer did not even engage them for the Balayage, and rated them even without trying their service.

Sneak Peek at Senpom

Sneak Peek at Senpom

Source: Senpom’s facebook page

Our take on Senpom Salon

Senpom many long term clients and has been operating for more than 2 decades. Their prices are significantly higher than the normal Thai salons but of course the quality, service and experience is very different. They are famous for their outrageous colours, keeping in trend and unique hair designs. If you are looking for top quality and do not mind spending extra, you can check them out! Do book an appointment as well, otherwise you might be turned down at the door if it is fully booked!

3.    Hair by Phonatip

1. Hair by Phonatip

Company Name Hair by Phonatip
Branches 1
Address: Phetchaburi Road, Khwaeng Phaya Thai, Khet Ratchathewi, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10400, Thailand (link)
Facebook Rating 4.5 by 96 people
Google Rating 4.0 by 39 people

From 1500 for Root retouch

From 1200 for Deep Conditioning

Source: Hair by Phonatip website on 26 Nov 2018

About Hair by Phonatip

Hair By Phonatip is a boutique hair salon located in Bangkok, Thailand. Phonatip has been providing Western and Asian clients from around the world with innovative and contemporary hair design since 2001. With years of experience and fluent in English, his Bangkok beauty salon offers a full range of services to meet all of your hair needs with high quality international products.

Phonatip provide a friendly and professional environment in which our guests are given our undivided attention. Phonatip use only high quality professional products from Schwartzkopf from Germany and Green Light from Italy. As a owner-operated small boutique salon, Phonatip is dedicated to complete client satisfaction, one customer at a time.

What people are saying

The good:

“It was quiet easy for me, to find the shop by using Google maps. I actually did not have an appointment but was welcomed nicely. Mr. Phonatip gave me an excellent haircut and I can just hardly recommend him.” – A review on google in April 2018

The not so good:

“Where to start with this fiasco?  1.) Mr. Phonatip’s location is on a little out of the way soi who it took three tuk tuk drivers and one taxi driver to find it.His address comes up wrong on Google maps which isn’t his fault, but the fact that his directions are not scrollable make it impossible to tell how close or far away you are. 2.) His A hole personality. When I showed up 15 minutes late Mr. Phonatip was sitting across the street drinking tea and when I told him I was partly late because of his directions he replied, “They are perfect.” When I suggested the were not and asked him to fit me in he made a big X with his arms as in “Closed.” 3.) His sexual deviance. When I told him I would appreciate if he would meet me half way as I was there and he was too he told me to, “Go back to my country” and then made several comments of a crude sexual nature. Good riddance.” – A review on google in April 2018

Sneak Peek at Hair by Phonatip

Sneak Peek at Hair by Phonatip

Photo taken from Hair by Phonatip’s website

Our take on Hair by Phonatip

With Hair by Phonatip, some people love him, some people hate him. Many of the people who had issues with him were due to the appointment timing and difficulty finding the shop. There are of course a lot of positive reviews and long term customers of Hair by Phonatip, much more than the negatives.

Hair by Phonatip is a boutique salon, not very high end and fair pricing. The owner is skilled but he is also a bit quirky. He seems to have trouble handling difficult situations as he even said it himself that he will not tolerate to ask any abusive behaviours from customers and will not hesitate to ask them to leave. It seemed he ever got into heated arguments with difficult customers.

Phonative is still one of the more popular English speaking hair stylist in Bangkok, so if you are going to Hair by Phonatip, remember to check the directions properly, reach on time to enjoy his haircuts and hair colouring!

4.    Bee Choo Herbal Thailand


Company Name Bee Choo Herbal Thailand

7 in Thailand

Approximately 200 across Asia


·      818/48 The Master @ BTS Udomsuk

·      Tawanna Shopping Centre Shop 1&2

·      Siam Square One Level 6

·      Ratchada Soi 7 Street 4

Facebook Rating 5.00 by 43 people
Google Rating 4.95 by 74 people
Pricing Herbal Hair Treatment THB 800 to THB 1200 depending on hair length

Note: data taken as of 22 Nov 2018 from

About Bee Choo:

Bee Choo strongly believe in non-invasive, safe and price transparent solutions for hair issues. Be it oily scalp, dandruff, hair loss, bacterial infection or other hair issues, Bee Choo believe that everyone deserves to be in control of their hair and scalp issues. Very often, when people start losing hair, they feel helpless and do not know who to trust. Finding the right partner to entrust your hair takes trial and error, and it can be quite costly if you choose the wrong company.

Their philosophy of integrity and sincerity has enabled them to establish a good name through customer recommendations.

Whether you are facing Hair loss, dandruff, damaged hair or oily scalp, our 100% natural, safe, highly effective herbal hair treatment brings you a healthier scalp. Bee Choo does this by using natural herbs made from a combination by leveraging modern advance extraction technology, that includes Chuan Xiong, Ginseng, Dang Gui, He Shou Wu and Ling Zhi.

Bee Choo brings over 18 years of experience in the hair loss treatment industry to Bangkok. Bee Choo aims to provide the beautiful people of Thailand safe, honest and affordable hair care. The brand “Bee Choo Origin has won numerous highly prestigious awards and accolades over the years .

What people are saying?

The good:

“It’s fantastic, my scalp felt relieved after the treatment. I’m on my 2 weeks holiday in Thailand and started to get itchy scalp. I googled a place once I reached Bangkok and found Bee Choo who had help me with my problem.” – A review on google in September 2018

The not so good:

There is only one unhappy review but it is not on the main facebook page but a sub-branch back in May 2017. This is before the new management took over in July 2017. In any case, the customer complained about her hair not being set and thoroughly blow-dried after treatment and also she felt that she should be charged 800 baht instead of 1200 for her hair length.

To be fair to Bee Choo, they do state in their Facebook and website that they do not fully blow-dry hair after treatment as it isn’t good to blow dry fully post treatment. They’d normally half-dry after treatment. This is something you have to take note, do not expected a hair setting/stylist post treatment!


Sneak Peek at Bee Choo Herbal Thailand

Our Take on Bee Choo Herbal Thailand

Bee Choo is a well-known brand in Asia. Bee Choo Thailand follows in on the philosophy of the brand on transparent pricing, integrity and helping their customers. This is why you are able to see their pricing openly on their website.

Bee Choo specializes only in herbal treatment. They do not do chemical colouring / perming / rebonding / other hair treatments.

So if you are looking for an affordable and trusty organic salon here in Bangkok for getting your scalp treated, be sure to check out Bee Choo!

5.    Rikyu by Boy Salon

1. Rikyu by Boy Salon 

Company Name Rikyu by Boy Salon
Branches 2

1.     45 Sukhumvit Soi 24

2.     Siam Square One level 2


Facebook Rating Rating disabled
Google Rating 4.7 by 91 people

THB 2500 for Roots Colouring

From THB 1500 depending on hair length

Note: data taken as of 26 Nov 2016 from Rikyu’s website


About Rikyu by Boy Salon

Rikyu is a an old but new hair salon with simple creative ideas to fit your needs for a good hair day. Tucked away in sukhumvit 24 we look forward to seeing you in our newly designed space of tranquility and small surprises. The art gallery on the 2nd floor, we can use for multiple purpose such as workshop, exhibition and etc.

What people are saying?


The good:

“Super friendly and accommodating. I made an appointment with Sylvia after MUCH research. She was great. She speaks English so she can understand what you want. I got a textured bob with side bangs, similar to what I already had. She did a perfect job texturing, something none of my last few stylists has been able to do. My boyfriend also got a cut with a male stylist. He did a fantastic job, excellent attention to detail. I think it’s the best cut he’s ever had. I’d highly recommend this salon. They are professional, clean, stylish, and reasonably priced.” – A review on google in August 2018

The not so good:

“Aaah I’m so disappointed by this place. I went there because of the many good reviews. I wanted to have a new haircut + balayage. We started with the haircut and I first explained to the hairdresser that I wanted something new, also because my hair where so messy cause I had shaved them previously so the length were short a front,  long in the back. What he did was that he just cut everywhere about 1cm. So nothing changed… My mother could do the same. I felt so sad… So then I ask him to fix that because he had taken already a lot of time doing that. Finally he fixed the back of my hair and it was ok. Just ok. Then the plan was the balayage. The result doesn’t looks like a balayage at all. There is some highlights in same places in the hair but we cannot see that at all, only under a big spot of light. I paid 4000baht for that, and 700banh for the haircut. I don’t believe it’s reasonable price at all 🙁

Sneak Peek at Rikyu

Sneak Peek at Rikyu

Source: Rikyu’s facebook page

Our Take on Rikyu by Boy

This place is artsy, creative and impeccably designed. They even have an art gallery on the 2nd floor. They have a lot of great reviews and the pricing is exactly how they show it on their website. They are well known for their hair cutting skills and hair colouring. They even hold workshops to add to the uniqueness of the salon. They have lots of genuine reviews with people posting photos of themselves at the salon. This indicates that their customers are really feeling comfortable and enjoying the ambience of Rikyu. If you are into the latest fashion, hairstyles and hair colours, do check Rikyu out!

6.    Anderson Salon

1. Anderson Salon

Company Name Anderson Salon
Branches 1
Address: Ruamrudee Soi 2, Khwaeng Lumphini, Khet Pathum Wan, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10330 (link)
Facebook Rating 4.8 by 52 people
Google Rating 4.6 by 20 people

THB 1700 Roots retouch

No treatment service

Note: data taken from Andersonsalon website as of 26 November 2018


About Anderson Salon

Anderson Salon is a one stylist, two assistance, semi-private salon. Bookings are necessary. English speaking, professionally trained hair stylist with over 19 years of trust amongst international clientele. Specializing in highlights, cut, perm, colours, etc.

What people are saying?

The good:

“Hands down the best salon I’ve found for blonde hair in Bangkok. I have thick, curly blonde hair, and Pam does an amazing job with highlights (and with listening to what you want but also making suggestions of what she thinks might work best). Very happy to have found her!” A review on google review in July 2018

The not so good:

“… When I came back to the chair to dry my hair, the color was significantly lighter in the front of my head than it was before and also lighter than the rest of the back of my head. Pam then explained to me that she did indeed base the color off of my lighter hair, even though it was suppose to be off of my darker hair. Pam then explained to me that people with lighter hair in the front helps to make the skin look lighter. I have darker skin which I am proud of, happy with and I don’t need lighter hair or skin whitening products to lighten my skin, but I did need a good hair color which I did not get. I found her remarks about my skin color to be insulting and racists…” – A review on facebook in June 2018

From reading the review, it seems that the two did not hit off well. Also, the customer may have been a bit too sensitive about Pam’s (stylist at Anderson Salon) comment. Nevertheless, kudos to the owner for apologising after the incident, this is one of the rare bad review she got. She may have just been having a bad day. Not everyone is perfect.


Sneak Peek at Anderson SalonSneak Peek at Anderson Salon

Source: Anderson Salon’s facebook page

Our Take on Anderson Salon

This is a very personalized service salon with the owner being the main stylist and two assistant. You have to book an appointment in advance otherwise you may have to wait or be turned away. Many people with blonde hair loves and recommends Anderson Salon. This seems to be her specialty. She speaks both Thai and English, so this place is suitable for both locals and foreigners. Pricing is transparent and there has not been any complains of overcharging or pushy sales. If you have lovely blonde locks, do check out Anderson Salon!

7.    Lavish Salon and Spa

1. Lavish Salon and Spa

Company Name Lavish Salon and Spa
Branches 1

Bandara Residence 2nd Floor

130 Soi Saladang 1, Saladaeng Road, Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok, 10500 (link)

Facebook Rating 4.8 by 22 People
Google Rating 4.2 by 14 People

THB 3500 for Organic Korean Colouring

THB 2500 for Korean Hair Treatment

Source: Lavish Salon Spa’s Website

About Lavish Salon And Spa

Opened in April 2017, Lavish Salon, Spa & Massage is located on the 2nd floor of Bandara Residence. Their philosophy is to provide quality service with an affordable price. Lavish combines Eastern and Western techniques to give you the perfect customized experience.  Ranging from Chinese Reflexology, Thai massage and to Aromatherapy, we are able to offer a personalized treatment package serviced by our five-star hotel quality therapists.  Our customers enjoy the ability to choose and mix treatments to suit their likings. Lavish emphasis the need in using 100% natural and locally grown product.

Lavish uses Korean hair-style in training, Lavish’s stylists have combined the fast moving hair fashion with classic style to give our customers the “best” hair care for each individual.  Lavish’s seasoned and passionate stylists know that one does not fit all and just because bangs are in this season, it doesn’t mean that they look good on everyone. Lavish offers organic hair color & treatment (made from plants and Japanese tea leafs).

What people are saying

The good

“Really impress. Super clean. Quality product used. Skillful masseuse and hairdresser with spoken English. Great value especially if you buy the package. Definitely would go back again soon!” – A review on google in November 2017

The not so good

“Me and my friend bought a package for cocconut oil hair spa, massage and blow dry. The massage was ok standard i think, the oil wasnt warm as they said it will be. And the long wait after massage wasnt necessary. We made the appointment together so we should finish almost at the same time. My friend got wash and blew dry right away and i have to wait almost 30 mins while 2 customers who came after me get to wash their hair before me. They are regular customer they got better treat, they talk nicely to them, welcome them with tea and water. I sat there waiting with no single living noticed me or talked me or offered any glass of water. So if you are not regular here u get treated differently. I PAID for service and expect to feel relax after and THIS IS WHAT I GOT, FEELING FRUSTRATED AND MISTREATED. To be fair the shampoo and hair product was nice. I like the scent of it. BUT I WILL DEFINTELY NOT GO BACK AGAIN. And not recommend for this spa package such a waste of time and money – A review on facebook in October 2017

Sneak Peek at Lavish Salon and Spa

Sneak Peek at Lavish Salon and Spa

Source: Lavish Salon and Spa website

Our take on Lavish Salon and Spa

You could actually get your hair done and get a foot massage at the same time! This is something unique about Lavish Salon Spa that they have both hair stylist and masseurs working together. Talk about killing two birds with one stone! The reviews are overall pretty good, only some minor complains about waiting time and letting old customers jump queue. Many people have praised Lavish for their cleanliness and comfortable chairs they use.

Lavish Salon and Spa you check out their Korean Hair colouring and hair treatment and get a massage at the same time!

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